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Highmark Homes’ Referral Program is Now On at NUVO

Refer a friend to purchase at NUVO and you will receive $4,000 cash and your friend will be given $2,000 in free upgrades.*

Use this handy calculator to determine your monthly mortgage payments.

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This is the most exciting time of your life! You’re buying your first home . . . and while the excitement of this important event is causing you a few trembles of nervousness, don’t worry – Highmark Homes is here – to help you navigate through this sometimes scary experience!


  • Andy & Sue Wray
    Andy & Sue Wray

    “We’ve moved 4 or 5 times in our marriage, and this is the first one that actually feels like home…as soon as we walked in the door. Their service is fantastic, they build a quality product, our year-end has just been the last week or so and they’ve come back and they finished it all within a few days.”

    — Andy & Sue Wray

    (At Highmark, we want to build your dream home so we work with you to personalize your home to meet your lifestyle needs.)

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