Our Mission

  • Highmark Homes' mission is to continue to improve our heritage; summed up in this Mission Statement:

    Highmark Homes is a superior quality home builder pledging to provide the highest building standards in the industry while ensuring environmental responsibility. Our mandate is to give our customers the ultimate in Satisfaction, Trust, Confidence and Comfort.

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Gino Lucchese

“I’m proud of the company that I started so many years ago. It has grown into a very large company but it still operates like a small one, always putting the customer first. The values that were so important to me when I began building homes are still at the heart of the Highmark philosophy. It’s very rewarding and makes me very happy.”

— Gino Lucchese

Joe Messina

“Highmark Homes has come a long way in the past 40 plus years. The pride that we build into every home and every community is something that you can see and touch in our homes. Our designs, quality and craftsmanship are the best in the business and we stand proudly behind every home we build.”

— Joseph Messina


  • Andy & Sue Wray
    Andy & Sue Wray

    “We’ve moved 4 or 5 times in our marriage, and this is the first one that actually feels like home…as soon as we walked in the door. Their service is fantastic, they build a quality product, our year-end has just been the last week or so and they’ve come back and they finished it all within a few days.”

    — Andy & Sue Wray

    (At Highmark, we want to build your dream home so we work with you to personalize your home to meet your lifestyle needs.)

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