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What is included in my house?

All the standard features that are included in your home are outlined in your Purchase 7 Sale Agreement. Please read this Schedule carefully before your first colour selection appointment.

What is the standard placement of electrical outlets?

Electrical outlets are placed according to the Building Code. If a specific location is necessary, it must be done as an extra. Central vac outlets are located close to a power source. We cannot provide specific locations, but the rough-ins will be placed to allow access to each area of your home.

What if we don’t want ceramic towel bars and soap dishes installed?

Such requests will be noted on the appropriate schedule but no credit will be issued.

Is the cabinetry we select for our kitchen the same as what we will get in our bathrooms?

You will have the opportunity to select cabinetry for your bathroom separate from what you will select for your kitchen. (Standard cabinetry varies by room. Please consult your Sales Representative.)

What is the standard placement of light fixtures in our home?

Placement of standard light fixtures will be as per plan, which will be reviewed at your colour appointment. No changes to standard locations will be permitted. However, additional light locations may be requested as an upgrade. Potlights can be purchased at your colour appointment and you may specify their general location.

We are planning to finish our basement after possession and would like to relocate some of the support posts in the basement to accommodate our desired floorplan. Can this be done?

This is a structural change that can only be made with new drawings and engineering approvals. A fee would be required to review a structural change.


  • Paul & Rebecca Zadorsky
    Paul & Rebecca Zadorsky

    “So far, so good… Looking to getting in the new house soon.”

    — Paul & Rebecca Zadorsky

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